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Bhaja Govindam - Sloka 27

Hari Aum

Prostrations to my Guru. Prostrations to All.


Geyam Gitaanaamasahasram
Dhyeyam sreepatiroopamajasram
Neyam sajjanasangae chittam
Deyam deenajanaaya cha vittam

Word Meaning:
Geyam: is to be chanted
Gita: Bhagavad Gita
Naamasahasram: Sahasranaamam
Dhyaeyam: is to be meditated upon
Shreepathi roopam: the form of the lord of lakshmi
Ajasram: always
Neyam: (the mind) is to be led
Sajjana sangae: in the association of the good
Chittam: the mind
Dheyam: is to be distributed
Dheena janaaya cha: to the needy
Vittam: wealth

Bhagavad Gita and Sahasranaamam are to be chanted, always the form of the lord of Lakshmi is to be meditated upon, the mind is to be led towards the company of the good, wealth is to be distributed (shared with) the needy.

In this verse, the acharya gives few more Sadhanas which will help the seeker to have the mind focused on the Ultimate Reality of Lord. To realize ones own nature of Self, the seeker has to follow the Vedantic sadhana of Sravana, Manana and Nidhidhyasana. Sravana is systematic and consistent study of scriptures from a competent Guru for a length of time. Manana is reflection of the teaching in the mind and intellectually understanding without any doubts about the Reality and Nidhidhyasana is constant contemplation on the Reality once the doubts about the Reality are clear. To aid this Vedantic Sadhana, to help the seeker to apprehend the subtle truth told in the scriptures, the sadhanas like chanting and meditation will be very helpful.

Chanting or meditation as such cannot give liberation, but will only be aiding the seeker to progress in the spiritual path. The name of the lord always has lot of power and when we chant sahasranaamam will keep the mind focussed on the lord. Chanting will be very helpful in overcoming many obstacles in the world and also for fulfilling other wishes in the world, but when it is chanted as an offering to the lord, it will purify the mind. Only a purified mind will be able to apprehend the subtle truth about the Ultimate Reality which the scriptures speak about.

Ramana says in Upadesha saaram,
“Ishwara arpitam na icchayaa kritam
Chitta shodhakam mukti sadhakam”

Work which is performed as an offering to the Almighty and done without any expectation for the fruits – helps in purification of mind & thereby leads one to liberation or realization.

Meditation on the form god will be helpful to quite the mind and will help in building concentration. Thus when the mind is quite and focused, it will be easier for the seeker to reflect on the teaching and also contemplation. Though a person might be chanting or doing japa, meditating on the lord, there are possibilities that the mind might get deviated away from the Reality. Therefore it is important for one to have Sat Sanga. Sat sangam is association with the good people. Sat also Existence and thus Sat means the Self. Guru is nothing but Self only and hence Sat Sanga can be taken as constant contact with the Guru.

In the last line of the verse, acharya tells that one should also be open to give wealth to the needy. By giving to the needy, we will come out from the narrow mindedness of taking care ourselves alone. The biggest wealth that can be given to the needy is the wealth of knowledge. Thus, once a seeker gets the complete knowledge about the Reality through scriptures, he should help others by giving the knowledge through the scriptures.

Prostrations to all

Hari Aum



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