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Bhaja Govindam - Sloka 25

Hari Aum

Prostrations to my Guru. Prostrations to All.


“shathrou mithrae puthrae bhanDhao
Maa kuru yathnam vigrahasanDhao
Sarvasminnapi pashyaathmaanam
Sarvathrothsruja Bhedhaajnaanam”

Word Meaning:
Shathrou: against an enemy
Mithrae: against a friend
Putrae: against a son
bhanDhao: against a relative
maa: never
kuru: do
yathnam: strive
vigraha sanDhao: for strife and for making friends
sarvaasminnapi: in everything (everywhere)
pasya: see
aathmaanam: the Self
sarvathra: everywhere
uthsruja: lift away
Bhedha ajnaanam: the sense of difference (born out of ignorance)

Strive not to fight against or to make friends with your enemy, friend, son or to relatives. See the Self everywhere and leave of the sense of duality which comes out of ignorance

In this gives advice to the seeker to see the Self only everywhere. As per scriptures, there is only one Reality, the Ultimate Reality of Brahman. This Reality is nothing but ones own Self. So we are nothing but the Brahman only, but we have forgotten this blissful nature of Self. Because of the ignorance, the world and experiences seems to be real. Because of this ignorance, one will seek happiness through the objects of the world, but in reality when analyzed none of the objects of the world has happiness or sorrow. Happiness or sorrow, which is experienced from the objects of the world or from the people of the world, are conditioned by the likes and dislikes of the mind. These modifications of likes and dislikes occur when the duality is perceived and the duality is perceived because of ignorance of ones own nature of Self. The bondages that are created with the objects or the people of the world are in the mind only based on the modifications of the mind through likes and dislikes.

Here the acharya says that, instead of seeing the people and objects of the world as something different from one see them as ones own Self. The world that is seen came out from the Self, is staying in the Self and will merge back into the Self only. The Self is the substratum of the world that is seen now. When we Self in every being and everything then all differences will also vanish. If we take our body, we don’t particularly like one part of our body or dislike one part of the body, all parts of our body will be seen equally only, the reason is that whichever part of our body we take, we say it is only me. In the same way, when we understand that the world and the objects of the world had come from the Self only, then there will be neither hatred nor attachment, it will only be pure non-dual bliss. Thus in this stanza, the acharya advises the seeker to see the Self in everywhere.

Isavasya Upanishad says,
“Yasthu sarvaani bhootani atmani eva anupashyathi
Sarva bhooteshu cha aatmaanam tato na vijugupsathe”

“He who sees the all beings in the Self itself and the Self in all beings, feels no hatred by virtue of this realization.”

“Yasmin sarvaani bhootani atmaiva bhoot vijanathah.
Tatra ko mohah kah sokah ekatvam anupashyathah”

“When a person realizes that the Self itself has become all the beings, then what delusion or sorrow can be there as he sees oneness only?”

Prostrations to all

Hari Aum



Blogger vedanta said...


Prostrations to all.

Lord mentions this beautifully in Gita thus:

Suhrinmithra ari udaasena madhyastha dvesha bandhushu
saadhushu api cha paapeshu sthira buddhir vishishyathe

Having a constant intellect or mind (meaning that mind which sees equanamity) towards well-wishers, friends, enemies, indifferent people, moderators, averted people, relatives, sadhus and sinful people is the best (having sthira buddhi is the best -- sthira buddhi means seeing everything as one).

There is a quite similar sloka in Kaivalya Upanishad as well as in gita similar to the first sloka quoted by Rajesh (from Ishavasya):

Sarvabhootastham aatmaanam sarvabhootaani cha aatmani
Sampashyan brahmaparamam yaathi partha anuchintayan

He who sees the Self in all beings & all beings in the Self (vyasti in samasti and samasti in vyasti), he attains the ultimate goal of Brahman O Arjuna!

Prostrations to all.


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