Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bhaja Govindam - Sloka 16

Hari Aum

Prostrations to my Guru. Prostrations to All.


agre vahnihi prushTae Bhaanuhu
Raathrou chubhukasamarpithajaanuhu
thadhapi na muchathi aashaapaashaha

Word Meaning:
Agre: In front
Vahnihi: the fire
prushTae: at the back
Bhaanuhu: the sun
Raathrou: at night
Chubhukasamarpithajaanuhu: with knees held to chin
Karthala Bhikshaha: alms scooped palm
Tharuthala vaasaha: under the shelter of the tree
Thadhapi: and yet
Na: never
Munchathi: leaves
Aashaa paashaha: the rope of desires

“In front the fire, at the back the sun, late at night he sits with his keens held to his chin; he receives alms in his own scooped palm and lives under the shelter of some tree andyet, the ropes of desires spare him not”

In the previous Sloka, Shankara told about the mentality of a householder, in this sloka he speaks about a person who have taken external sanyas and living a life of a Sanyasi. The Sanyasi basks in Sun during the day time and sits in front of the fire during the night time. He may not even have the basic amenities of food, clothing and shelter. He even may not have a proper vessel to have food instead might use his own scooped palm to have food. Such a Sanyasi may also have desires in his mind. Though the person might have renounced all the worldly pleasures externally, still his mind will be moving around the sense objects seeking pleasure.

According to scriptures, our own nature is nothing but Ultimate Reality of Brahman. So realizing our own nature of Self is the Ultimate Goal of everyone and that alone can give permanent happiness. The objects of the world are temporary and though the objects of the world seem to give happiness, on long run will give only sorrow. Therefore, we have to withdraw our mind from the sense objects and have to turn it in towards the Self. So for realizing ones own nature of Self, one has to turn the mind towards the Self knowing that the objects of the world are temporary and cannot give permanent happiness.

Taking external Sanyas will be helpful in concentrating the mind on the Self as there will be no other work except that of having constant thought of the Self. If this is forgotten, then the external sanyas will not be of any use. Withdrawal of mind from the worldly objects and turning it towards the Self is the necessary thing that is to be done and if that is done then it doesn’t matter whether one is a sanyasi or a staying in the world he will always be rejoicing the bliss of the Self. If the mind is not withdrawn from the objects of the world, desiring for it even after renouncing the world, then the external renunciation has no purpose, and they are no different from a person who has not renounced the world.

Prostrations to all

Hari Aum



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