Monday, August 07, 2006

Bhaja Govindam - Sloka 11

Hari Aum

Prostrations to my Guru. Prostrations to All.


“Maa kuru Dhanajanayouvana garvam
Harathi nimaeshaath kaalathsarvam
Maayamayamidham aKhilam bhDhvaa
Brahma padatvam pravisha vidhitva”

Word Meaning:
Maa: Do not
Kuru: take
Dhana: in Possession
Jana: in people
Youvana: in youth
Garvam: pride
Harathi: will be washed away
Nimaeshaath: in a moment
Kaalaha: the Time
Sarvam: all these
Maayamayam: full of illusory nature
Idham: this
aKhilam: all
bhuDhva: after knowing
brahmapadham: the state of Brahman
tvam: you
pravisha: enter into
vidhitva: after realizing

Take no pride in your possessions, people, and youthfulness. Time will wash away all these in a moment. Leaving aside all these, after knowing their illusory nature, realize the state of Brahman and enter into it.

When the world and its experiences are seen real, there may be desires on various things of the world. When one has got the possession of those that are desired, then one feels happiness. The happiness may go to such an extent that he feels so proud. Thoughts like “My people”, “My wealth”, “I have done this”, etc comes to the mind. These thoughts come to mind when the real nature of ones own nature of Self is forgotten because of ignorance. But the world and its experiences are not real, they are temporary and are ever changing. Today one may think that he is the richest person in the world, but tomorrow there might be a time when he will lose all his wealth. Similar way, a person might have lot or people around him, helping him for everything or acting according to his commands, but there can be a time when all people around him can leave him alone. Similar case is also to youth also. A youth who enjoys the sense pleasure may be in a position to enjoy it today, but anytime in future there might be a situation when he will not be able to enjoy any of the pleasures that he is enjoying.

Such uncertain is the world and its experiences that we get from the world. Since the world is continuously changing, the experience that comes from the world also changes continuously. Therefore one should not take pride on his pleasant time that he is having because, it is just a matter of time that the happy time may lead to a sorrowful experience.

Since the world is changing continuously, the experiences from the world are only temporary and hence the world and its experience are only an illusion in the Reality. Because of ignorance, the experience of the world seems to be real but in reality these are only illusions. We have to turn the mind inwards towards the Reality. When the Reality is known, then there will be no sorrows and no sufferings and hence one experiences only the bliss of the non-dual Self.

Prostrations to all

Hari Aum



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