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Bhaja Govindam - Sloka 5

Hari Aum

Prostrations to my Guru. Prostrations to All.


Thaavannijaparivaaro rakthaha
Pashchaajjeevathi jarjaradehae
Vaarthaam kopi na prichchathi gehe”

Word Meaning:
Yaavath: as long as
Vith: wealth
Upaarjana: to earn
Sakthaha: has the ability
Thaavath: so long
Nija parivaaraha: your dependents
Rakthaha: attached
Pashchaath: afterwards
Jeevathi: lives
Jarjara: infirm
Dehe: body
Vaarthaam: word
Ko api na: there is no one
Prichchathi: cares to speak
Gehe: at home

“As long as one has the ability to earn wealth so long your dependents are attached to you, afterwards when you live with an infirm body, no one at home care to speak a word with you”

When a person is earning lot of money, he will have many friends and relatives around him. It is the most popular thought that people who is earning will be respected more. When a person is acquiring more and more wealth, when the person enjoys the pleasure from the wealth he possesses, he will have many people around him to care, to share his happiness so that they can also enjoy the pleasure of the wealth. On the other hand, a person who is not earning any money may not the respect which the wealthy person is getting. This clearly shows that the care and concern are shown only based on the wealth possessed by one and only based on the earning capacity of the person.

The care and concern of people around a person will stay as long as he is earning. The person will then work more and more and desire to acquire more money, so that he can enjoy the relations of more people praising him and caring him. He gets deluded by the relatives around him and thinks that the more wealth he possesses, the more respect he will get and happier he will be. Thus he desires for more and more wealth. But when the person loses his capacity to earn money, people who were caring him when he was earning will move away from him and even might go on to search for the next wealthy person. This is the state of this world.

We have to discriminate and understand that the care and concert of the relatives and friends will be there as long as we have the capacity to earn money. Therefore, we should not get carried away by the respect and care that we from the relatives and friends. It doesn’t mean that we should not do work at all, but the important to be understood is that we should not get deluded by these experiences. The only purpose or duty of this life is to realize ones own nature of Self. Therefore, importance should be given to the lord than the possession of wealth and enjoyment of the wealth possessed. The more importance we give by constant contemplation on the Reality, all the bondages vanishes and will enable one to realize ones own nature of Self. Therefore, Shankara says, worship govinda and realize that Eternal non-dual Bliss.

Prostrations to all

Hari Aum



Blogger vedanta said...


Prostrations to all.

Puranas mention the story of Ratnakara which we are very familiar with. Ratnakara was a robber on the forest way & once Narada came through the forest when Ratnakara attacked him. Narada asked him as to why he was robbing & Ratnakara replied that to protect and upholding his family -- Narada then asked as to whether his family would partake the sins he had incurred by doing robbery. Ratnakara asked his family & they didn't agree to the same. This turned him to spirituality & doing intense meditation that ant-hill was created around him, he became a Brahmarshi or a divine sage (called Valmiki which stands for ant-hill around the person)....

This story beautifully illustrates the below point that family members support for wealth and other sensual pleasures alone.....

Prostrations to all.


Let a moment not pass by without remembering God

5:19 AM  
Blogger vedanta said...

Will it help to understand why the world was constructed like this?
By this, I refer to the nature of relationship that was discussed as under.

I am not discssing the answer to my question above, but just adding a few more points.
It is not a phenomemon just with Humans alone, but almost with all living things
on this planet, the strong survives (can quote "the survival of the fittest" here).

With human there is an additional string called emotion and conscience,
without these, abandonment of the weak by the society or the family would not have been
a matter at all. It would have been just natural.

So what I want to say in this mail?
Everybody knows that everyone else around them is acting including him/her self.
And still the masks are worn intact and the play continues.
Seems very amusing to me.

Ratish Krishna Ramakrishnan

5:21 AM  
Blogger vedanta said...


Prostrations to all.

:-) The below statements are based on the assumption that "the world is real and there are living beings & that the play continues" -- all this is fine at the emperical level but Vedanta goes one step further to assert that there is no world at all --- if there is no world at all or in short no duality, then the entire statements vanish as the assumption on which they are based simply vanish.....

Gaudapada makes an astounding statement in the Mandukya Karika thus:
"Prapancho yadi vidhyetha nivartetha na samshayah"
If the world seems to exist, then it will surely vanish - there is no doubt regarding this.

Yes, Vedanta does accept the world, how it was created etc. etc. at the empirical level & detailed explanations of the same are found in many vedantic works but it also adds that the world is temporary....

This is summarized by Lord Krishna in gita in the statement "Anityam asukham lokam" - the world is temporary and sorrowful..... Temporary means it doesn't have any real existence at all but just seems to exist even as the dream world seems to exist as long as the person is dreaming -- once he wakes up, he realizes that there never was such a dream world & dreaming, everything was just a mere illusion or seeming appearance.....

It is right that everybody knows that others are acting but what is this knowing????? Is this real knowledge???? I dont think so -- it is again a mental concept that "the other people are fooling me as they are not truly loving me etc." and what is the result of this "limited-knowing"???? The result is that the person gets sad --- thus it is just knowing and doesn't have any solution but it leads to seek another person & another & another -- this is where we find the western culture of finding partners and frequently changing them.....

Instead real knowledge dawns when you really act -- here acting is not just knowing that everybody is acting but knowing that it is only a mere play and thus not giving any importance to the play --- when this knowledge dawns in the intellect (paroksha jnaana and not aparoksha jnaana) itself, there will be no more statements of wonder about the world because the first thing that will come to the mind about world is "it is temporary and hence illusory".

To sum up, "the play continues..... until it is known that there was no play, there is no play and there will be no play at all"....... This is clearly understood by the analogy of dream where even though before sleeping today, I know that i will dream but still i have the clear knowledge that there never will be any real world created in dream.....

As per the scriptures, knowing the temporary and sorrowful nature of the world is just required to divert the extroverted mind to the reality of Lord. That is why Krishna adds on when telling anityam asukham lokam that "imam praapya bhajasva maam" - having attained such a world, take refuge in the reality of ME.

As Yajnavalkya says to Maitreyi -- yatra tu atmaivaa bhoot vijaanathah, tat kam kena pashyet -- when a person realizes that everything is but the self, then wat to see and by what to see (with what instruments)???

Prostrations to all.


Let a moment not pass by without remembering God

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