Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bhaja Govindam - Sloka 14

Hari Aum

Prostrations to my Guru. Prostrations to All.


“Jatilo mundi lunChitakeshaha
Kaashaayaambara bahukruthaveshaha
Pashannapi cha na pashyathi mooDo
Hyudharanimiththam bahukruthaveshaha”

Word Meaning:
Jatilaha: one acetic with matted locks in the head
Mundi: one with shaved head
Lunchitha keshaha: one with hairs pulled out one by one
Kaashaayaambara bahukritha veshaha: with ochre-robes
Pashyan napicha: though seeing
Na: never
Pashyathi: sees
mooDaha: a fool
hi: indeed
udhara nimitham: for belly’s sake
bahukritha veshaha: these different disguises or apparels.

One ascetic with matted-locks, one with shaven head, one with hairs pulled out one by one, another parading in his ochre-robes. These are fools who, though seeing, do not see. Indeed these different disguises or apparels are only for their belly’s sake

The Ultimate Goal of everyone is to realize ones own nature of Self. By proper discrimination between the Sat and Asat, one should have dispassion towards the enjoyment of the external sense objects of the world. When one gets that Vairagyam, then it will be easier for the seeker to apprehend the Reality and have a thought about the Reality. Therefore, the important thing that is required is the dispassion towards the enjoyment of the worldly pleasure and turning the mind towards the Self. If a person takes an external Sanyas, it will be easier for him to concentrate only on the Reality as that Reality will be his only thought all the time.

Some people take external sanyasam, wear ochre robe, with either matted hair or a fully shaved head and live a life of Sanyasi. Among such Sanyasis there are people who have taken Sanyasam just for the sake of filling up their belly. They are the weak minded people who want to get food to eat without doing any work. They live the life of Sanyasi but still have the mind engaged in satisfying the bodily desires. Whether they had the Reality as the goal in their mind while taking the Sanyas or not, if they have the mind engaged in satisfying the bodily desires, their mind will be going away from the thought of Reality. When the real purpose of taking Sanyas is known, he will be always engaged in the thought of Reality all the time, and hence will see only the Self in everything, but those who have forgotten the real purpose of taking Sanyas, though they know intellectually that they have to realize their own nature of Self, but still fail to live up towards the goal and thus have the mind engaged in filling the stomach.

Prostrations to all

Hari Aum



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