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Bhaja Govindam - Sloka 22

Hari Aum

Prostrations to my Guru. Prostrations to All.

Yogi yoganiyojithachiththaha
Ramanathae baalonmaththvadeva”

Word Meaning:
Rathyacharpatavirachithakanthaha: he who wears the godadi (shawl made up of pieces of cloth rejected by others on the road)
Punyaapunyavivarjithapanthaha: who walks the path that is beyond merit and demerit
Yogi: the yogin
Yogi niyojitha chiththaha: whose mind is joined in perfect yoga
Ramathae: sports
baalavath eva: as a child
Unmaththava vath eva: (or) as a mad man

The yogin who wears but a shawl made up of pieces of cloth rejected by others on the road, who walks the path that is beyond merit and demerit, whose mind is joined in perfect yoga with its goal, he revels and lives thereafter as a child or as a mad man

In this sloka, the acharya explains the state of Jivan Mukthah. There is only Brahman existing and all other seems to be existing are only an illusion. But jiva because of ignorance of ones own nature of Self, he thinks that the world is real and gets involved in it an thus experiences happiness or sorrow as the case may be. He acquires Punyams and pappams from the action he performs which are the effect of the desire that comes in the mind. The root cause for the desire is the ignorance. Thus the ego, which performs the action out of the desire to perform it, then later enjoys the punyam or papam. When the ignorance is destroyed then there is no ego, and hence there is no punyam and papam. Ignorance will get destroyed only when one gets the knowledge about the Self as ones own nature. When the person realizes his own nature of Self, then he realizes that the world is only an illusion in the Reality. Since the world itself is falsified, there is nothing that will give momentary sorrow or happiness to such a person, rather such a person will always revel in the non-dual bliss of the Self.

Such a person who is a perfect Jivan Mukthah, will never care too much about the body and the mind. He will be ever happy whether he has what he need to have to survive in the world or he don’t have. Here the acharya says, he might just wear some left out clothes in the road just to cover the body. To such a person there is no Punyam or Papam as there is no ego in that person to enjoy them. Since the mind is always in the thought of the Self as ones own nature, they is beyond the Papam and Punyam and nothing in the world can affect him.

In the last line, he tells that he enjoys the world like a child or like a mad man. The innocent mind of the child never will be worrying about the past or of the future, it always lives in the present. Also, anything that is done to the child whether it good or bad, it doesn’t dwell in that, but continues playing all the time. The mad man, always has his own thoughts in his mind and it is tough to interfere in the mind of such a mad man, in the similar way the Jiva muktha also is always steadfast in the thought of the Ultimate Reality of Brahman and hence it is not possible interfere in the mind of such a person also.

In Ramakrishna Mutt book on Bhaja Govindam, the last two lines are different for this sloka. The sloka is as follows
Naaham natvam naayam lokaha
Thadhapi kimarThim kriyathae shokaha”

“Rags cast off along the road serves as a garment for yogin, who are free from all the merits and demerits, and in his sight Nor I nor you nor the world exists. Why, then, give way to sorrow?”

Prostrations to all

Hari Aum



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